Polcon in english

Polcon 2011 – about the convention

Polcon is a nationwide science-fiction/fantasy convention organised in Poland since 1985. Its diversified programme which includes science-fiction/fantasy in film, literature, comics and games attracts Polish fans of all ages. Polcon is also home to the most prestigious Janusz A. Zajdel Award. This year's edition is going to be the 26th edition of the most important event for science-fiction and fantasy fans.

Polcon is an annual event which takes place in different cities each year. This year's Polcon will take place in Poznań for the third time.

Polcon is a nationwide event and each year, no matter the town it's taking place in, attracts fans from all over Poland, to whom it is the most important event during the season.

This year's Polcon is organised by “Druga Era” club, which is successfully organising the biggest fan convention in Poland – Pyrkon – for the last 11 years.

Rules of Polcon 2011

1. Every member of Polcon by purchasing membership accepts these rules and obliges himself to respect them.

2. Every member of Polcon are obliged to become acquainted with, accept and respect these rules. A failure to do so cannot be basis for possible claims in relation to the organizers of Polcon.

3. Rules will be available at:
- Polcon's Internet site: http://www.polcon2011.pl/,
- registration desks,
- Polcon's entrance,
- every convention leaflet.

4. Polcon 2011 takes place in the Poznań's International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, hereinafter reffered to as MTP) on 14 Głogowskiej Street, 25-28 August 2011.

5. Members who do not respect these rules might be removed from the convention without returning the membership fee.

6. Members can stay in the area of Polcon 2011 from 10 AM on Thursday, until 4 PM on Sunday.

7. Single day members can stay in the area of Polcon until midnight of a given day, or, people who bought membership for Sunday only, until the end of convention.

8. A Polcon wristband is essential to wear by all members of the convention.

9. Each member is obliged to wear the wristband. Deliberate removal or damage of the wristband may result in lack of admittance to the convention or removal from it. In case of accidental damage of the wristband, it is essential to immediately report to the registration desk in order to buy another one.

10. People without wristbands will be removed from the convention immediately.

11. Organisers are not bearing responsibility for any damage, physical, property or mental, taken by members.

12. Underaged members are obliged to present a parent or legal guardian agreement along with his or her contact number.

13. Organizers do not take responsibility for unaccompanied objects or objects lost. Cloakrooms are available on the convention site in which one can safely leave his belongings.

14. It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects, like firearms, melee weapons (that rule does not apply to safe LARP weapons), bokens, explosive or toxic materials to the convention site. These objects can be use only during planned shows and under organizers supervision.

15. Firearms and pneumatic weapons (ASG, paintball guns, dummy guns and others) brought into the convention need to have their propulsions disconnected (batteries disconnected, empty gas magazines), released recoil springs, empty magazines and barrels, safety levers set onto safe. A member can be inspected by the security for fulfilling the aforementioned conditions. Only exceptions from this rule (eg. Connecting the propulsion or loading the blank cartridge for the sake of a show) are possible only by organizers allowance.

16. During the convention it is forbidden to point weapons or any sharp objects at other member unless the other member agrees to (eg. during photo sessions).

17. Members are obliged to keep the convention site clean and tidy.

18. Consumption of alcohol within the MTP area is allowed only in a designated area – the restaurant. Bringing and drinking alcohol in the MTP is strictly forbidden.

19. It is forbidden to smoke on the convention site. Smoking is allowed only outside the building in a designated area.

20. It is strictly forbidden to use drugs or psychotropic substances on the convention premises.

21. Members intoxicated with alcohol or drugs might be removed from the convention.

22. Each member is obliged to behave decently and to abide to organizers' decisions – their decisions are final.

23. Members are responsible for any damage done by them during the convention (also financial).

24. All promotional materials which were placed on the convention site without consulting the organizers will be removed along with distributors. These members will be charged for any damage done this way.

25. In case of a conflict between members, an organizer is the settlement authority.

26. Sleep rooms are designated in certain areas only. In case of problems with accomodation, please contact the organizers.

27. In rooms designated as “curfew sleeproom”, members are to remain quiet from 12 A.M. Until 7 A.M. Lights will be out during this time in these rooms. Members residing in these rooms are obliged to behave properly and keep the place, and themselves, clean.

28. Lecture rooms will be available for Polcon members during these hours: Thursday 4 P. M. - 11 P. M., Friday 10 A. M. - 11 P. M., Saturday 10 A. M. - 11 P. M., Sunday 10 A. M. - 4 P. M. Rooms are closed beside these hours, apart from designated rooms for the events taking place during the night. Rooms for RPG sessions will be open during the convetion all the time.

29. Members running the lectures and other events are obliged to leave the room in the exactly same state as they were before.

30. Members who are using the discount for program events and who did not fullfil their agreement are to return money equal to the discount value to the organizers.

31. Convention currency constitute prizes in competitions. It can be traded for other prizes in specialy designed stands. No compensation will be given for unused currency.

32. Organizers and Co-operators who are actively taking part of organisation of Polcon cannot participate in competitions and tournaments organised by them during the convention.

33. During Polcon it is forbidden to copy copyrighted materials or to trade their illegal copies.

34. Organizers do not take responsibility and do not identify with opinions shared by the members (therein those running certain events) during the convention.


Full four day membership – 50 zł.

Detailed price-list:
Full membership: 50 zł
One day membership – Thursday: 20 zł
One day membership – Friday: 25 zł
One day membership – Saturday: 25 zł
One day membership – Sunday: 20 zł
Supporting membership: 20 zł

Stowarzyszenie Klub Fantastyki "Druga Era"
ul. Kaliska 22a/23
61-131 Poznań
PL 87 1090 2734 0000 0001 1561 3600, Swifit code: WBKPPLPP

One day membership allows one to stay in the convention site since morning until 12 A.M. Of a given day (on Sunday – until the end of the event).

We do not intend to implement any progression rates, however, each person who will register and pay the entrance fee can count on a variety of interesting bonuses, eg. items from our sponsors, or a free limited edition anthology of works nominated for this year's Zajdel Award. More info soon.

Each member will receive an ID and a wristband. Those items are to be held in a visible place. He will also receive a programme booklet and button with Polcon's logo. Full membership allows to get a free accomodation on the convention site in specialy designed rooms. For those who prefere higher standards there is a possibility of renting a room in one of nearby hotels or Adam Mickiewicz's University's dormitories. Detailed description in the Accomodation section. It is worth to register beforehand, because there is a limited number of rooms in the nearby dormitory!

All members will be asked to give their names and ID cards during the registration for safety reasons only. Those who will refuse to do this might not enter the convention site.

Members' personal data will be used only for convention needs.

Every member is obliged to wear a wristband and a signed ID. Those who will refuse to do so will be removed from the convention site.

Moreover, underaged members are obliged to show a parent's or legal guardian's permission along with his or her contact number. An example of this permission is available here: oswiadczenie_dla_niepelnoletnich_polcon2011.pdf

Polcon 2011 – where and when?

Time: 25th to 28th August 2011.

It is customary for Polcon to take place during the last weekend of the summer brake. This year will not be different.

The convention starts on Thursday at 4 P.M., but members will be allowed to enter the convention site earlier. For those who will come earlier, we will provide a place to store the luggage, and some entertainment.

The convention site shall be left no sooner than at 4.30 P.M. on Sunday.


Polcon 2011 will take place in two building of the conference centre and a school building:

Building 8A: MTP conference centre – 14 Głogowska st., entrance from Śniadeckich st.

Building 14B: MTP conference centre – 14 Głogowska st., entrance fron Śniadeckich st.

School building: one of the nearby schools (sleep rooms)

Members are asked to appear in one of the ticket offices in the MTP, entrance from Śniadeckich st., in order to pay for the membership.

In order to minimise inconvenience resulting from moving from one building to another, we assigned them with certain functions: in buildings 14B and 8A lectures, contests, shops and games will take place, while in the school building one will find a place to sleep and play LARPs. Sleep rooms with curfew will be present in the school building.

Below you can find a description of all buildings.

Near the convention site you can find a variety of shops (24/7 included), cash machines and restaurants. In the information booklet you will find a map which will help to find all of these. We will also try to put those locations on Google Maps.

Building A:Buidling 8A of MTP Conference Centre

In this building, battle games and card games tournaments will be held. What is more, a huge Games Room and shops of our sponsors will be found in this building.

Building B: Building 14B of MTP Conference Centre

In this building there are over 20 rooms in which meetings, concerts and RPG sessions will take place. Moreover, you will find there our sponsors' stands, a prize shop and a couple of surprises!


The third building is designed almost entirely for sleep rooms. However, we decided to put some events in this building too, allowing you to observe LARP players in costumes prepared especially for this event. At the moment we are negotiating with several schools near the MTP.

How to get to Polcon?

General information: In this section we will focus on getting to the convention area with the means of public transport assuming that you will know how to get to Poznań by train, by bus or by plane.

In Poznań's MPK (pubic transport company) you can buy a time-ticket or a ticket for a certain amount of bus/tram stops (up to 10 stops or higher). All rules of using public transportation in Poznań and a price list can be found here.

Another important information is that there are extremely high fines for riding without a valid ticket. Therefore we strongly advise you to buy those.

You can also buy a virtual ticket with your mobile phone (it has to have a java applet and an Internet connection). Details can be found on Poznań's ZTM website. It is very useful, especially when all the kiosks nearby are closed.

Since not so long ago, biletomaty (ticket machines) were launched in Poznań, but they can be unreliable and/or damaged. Details on locations of those machines can be found on Poznań's ZTM website.

It is worth remembering that you can travel from the train station to Polcon by foot (it is very close) and that from the bus station there is only one tram stop distance to the convention site.

Programme sections

Polcon has a very diversified programme which covers many fields of fantasy/science fiction. We hope that our programme will keep all the members satisfied and will not let anyone into boredom. In order to help you find certain events, we divided the programme into certain sections:

Literature section
This section is usually the most expanded one. We hope that the events from this section will fill the hall and 3 other lecture rooms. Here you will find all your favourite writers (the famous ones and those who have just debuted), critics, editors and publishers. Here you can also meet yor favourite writers, hear interesting lectures and partake in interesting discussions on various subjects like theory of literature, religion, science, philosophy, history, mysticism, space exploration and many more.

Science section
For all those who would like to learn some science within science-fiction.
Professional scientists and those who treat science as a hobby, will tell you about physics, astronomy, etnography, biotechnology and many more fields of science which only seem to by mystical and incomprehensible. During those lectures you will find how interesting science can be when it is presented with a bit of fun and easy to digest. We're waiting for you!

RPG section
This section will be abound in different events.
Those who seek unforgetable adventures will be presented with new and obscure systems. Those who are interested in gaming theory will have the opportunity to hear interesting lectures and enter discussions with the most famous people from Polish RPG fandom. Those who prefer practice will have the opportunity to play, live through amazing adventures and meet new people.
Don't forget to bring your dice!

LARP section
If you would like to play a LARP during Polcon, you're welcome to do so! You don't need to have a proffesional costume or know the game world by heart. In this section you will find at least two LARPs taking place simultanously since early morning till late night. In seperate rooms, far from the noise, you may immerge yourself in different LARP worlds: fantasy, cloak and dagger, alternative reality, cyberpunk, sci-fi and many more.

Multimedia section
A section for those interested in fantasy/science-fiction films, TV series and computer games. If you are craving for some Star Wars mixed with Star Trek with a handful of our Polish productions and a pinch of the most popular TV series and computer games, you will definitely spend some time here.

Manga and Anime
A section for those interested in animation and comic books from the Far East. You will have the opportunity to listen to interesting lectures and take part in many other attractions, like DDR and karaoke.

Comic book section
This section is prepared for everyone who love still frames, for those who like to spend hours on considering drawn characters, their gestures, facial epressions etc. It doesn't matter whether it's a European or American comic. It's a place for all comic book fans.

Contest section
You have some free time between events? You want to win some Polcon prizes? Or you simply want to boast your knowledge or check whether there is a bigger geek in your field? If yes, then we have something just for you!
We have the place, we have the prizes and we have the convention currency... All we need is you, so come! Take part in a contest or prepare one yourself and we assure you will have fun!

Games room
In your spare time we suggest you come to the games room, which is filled with board games and where you will have the opportunity to face many challenges. We also prepared card games and battle games contests.

Kids' section
This section is prepared to assure fantastic time for all children. We prepared three sets of attractions for three different age groups: below 3 y.o., 3-6 y.o. and 6-10 y.o. These attractions will help to introduce a whole new generation into fantasy/science-fiction. Also, each day of the convention creative workshops for children 3 years old and older will take place. Works created there will be perfect souvenirs. There will also be a possibility for kids to play fantastic board games!

Guests of honour

Writer: Łukasz Orbitowski
Publisher: REBIS Publishing house
Fan: Waldemar Gruszczyński

Łukasz Orbitowski
Born in 1977. Editor, publicist and, most of all, a famous writer. He debuted in the field of science-fiction in 2001 in the first issue of Science-Fiction magazine. Author of numerous short stories for different magazines and anthologies (some of which are collected in a book Wigilijne Psy). Moreover, he published two novels: Horror show and Tracę ciepło (which was nominated for the Zajdel Award), two short stories collections which were published in a very small circulation. Recently he begun writing a new series along with Jarosław Urbański: Pies i klecha. Two volumes were published until now: Przeciwko wszystkim and Tancerz. A completely different book was also written: Preses i Kreska. How cats rationalise the world around them? The book is a collection of stories and fables based on two cats owned by the author. In the year 2009 a novel called Święty Wrocław was published and a short stories collection Nadchodzi last year.
He writes mostly modern horror stories, often taking place on the streets of Cracow. Grey reality coexists with magical and sometimes even scary elements. Appreciated also beyond the field of the genre which can be seen in his connections with Wydawnictwo Literackie publishing house.

REBIS Publishing House
Founded in 1990. Through all these years it published a whole library of books – books to read, books to watch and books to live through; books by Nobel Prize winners, but also by lately discovered writers; exquisite literature, but also purely commercial; works full of humour, but also dead serious; thick ones and thin ones; historical, psychological, about health and diet, for the old ones, for the young ones; titles with over half a million circulation and... a bit less than that.
Since the beginning, REBIS was a very appreciated publishing house among science-fiction/fantasy readers. Lately mostly because of the first Polish FULL edition of Ann Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, a colector's edition of Isaac Asimov's Foundation and Robots and also Frank Herbert's Dune cycle with all the additional volumes (with brilliant graphics by Wojciech Siudmak). Nevertheless, the publisher did not forget about other novels already published reissuing books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Glen Cook, Tad Williams, Terry Goodkind or Terry Pratchett. A collection of classical works by Philip K. Dick with graphics by Wojcieh Siudmak will be published soon. Books by Chris Bunch, David Weber, Michael A. Stackpole and Tad Williams, Graham Masterton and Margaet Weis and Tracy Hickman duo are due to be published. The publisher presents us all th time with works of interesting debutants like Adrian Tchaikovski (Shadows of the Apt series), Tom Lloyd (The Twilight Reign), Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicle) or Naomi Novik (Empire of Ivory).

Waldemar Gruszczyński
A fourty-year old born on the Greater Poland-Lubusz region border, living in Zielona Góra. Graduated in Polish studies, worked in a local Gazeta Wyborcza branch and finally founded a respected advertising agency. He became the chairperson of the fantasy/science fiction club in Zielona Góra - “Ad Astra” in the end of the previous millenium and keeps this function until now. Under his leadership the club became one of the biggest and most appreciated in Poland. Apart from widely appreciated and long existing Bachanalia Fantastyczne event, he is responsible for organizing two Polcon conventions (2004 and 2008) along with Mamert Janion.
He is a happy husband and a father of two. He is a connoisseur of good literature and good liquor. He is also an owner of a bright yellow sweatshirt.




Sponsor generalny


Patroni honorowi

Prezydent miasta Poznań

Marszałek Województwa Wielkopolskiego Marek Woźniak

Regionalne Centrum Krwiodawstwa i Krwiolecznictwa w Poznaniu